Compressed Air Dryer

The Compressed air contains some water vapor with relative humidity of 100%. This vapor causes many disadvantages for industrial system that utilize air power in production line, so the compressed air delivered from Air Compressor should br drive enough by using air dryer. Success Engine Dryer provides a wide range of air delivery capacity, from 1,4 M3/min with power consumption of 360 Watt to 80 M3/min with power consumption of 11 KW, Working Pressure: standard 7 Bar, Inlet Temperature: Standard 45°C, Dew point Temperature 2°C to 10°C.

Compressed Air Drying System

Compressed Air Filter is part of the part Air Drying System, it is also known as Coalescing Filter. Compressed Air come out from Compressor contains many contaminants like small particle, air vapor, oil vapor, odor, bacteria etc. To vanish out these contaminants it needs coalescing Filter using the suitable grade of filters that fulfill the Industrial System requirement. Succsess Engine provides a wide range of Compressed Air Filters, from the small air flow capacity of 1,8 M3/min to big air flow capacity of 90,0 M3/min. This air flow capacity is under the air pressure of 7 bar.